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Dental Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth with a non removable restoration that discourages the bone loss that occurs where a tooth is missing.  Dental implants are meant to be a permanent solution and can last a life time.  One dental implant can support a crown to replace a single tooth, two implants can support anywhere from 3-6 crowns to replace as many teeth, or an entire arch of teeth (all upper or all lower) can be held by 2 - 4 dental implants depending on the chosen prosthetic (Denture).  Implants placed in the upper arch (top teeth/maxillary) may require a sinus lift to make enough room for them.  

Surgical extractions may be necessary when a tooth is deeply impacted (often the case with wisdom teeth), fractured, or brittle teeth and may require bone grafting prior to implant placement.  

 When several teeth are removed at once, usually in preparation for a denture or a full arch solution, they require the bone to be contoured (cut away evenly) to create a better and more even plane for the appliance for a more comfortable and proper fit.

 As invasive as implants may seem, they are reportedly less painful than a tooth ache or extraction, as the bone does not have nerve receptors like tissue does.  Even still, for any of our services, surgical or otherwise, various levels of anesthesia and sedation are available to keep you comfortable and pain free during your care.


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