Restorative Dentistry: Repairing, Rebuilding and Revamping Smiles Skillfully

At our Puyallup office, when we say we specialize in dental prosthodontics such as dentures and implant dentures, we mean it!

Our skilled leader, Rafael Clark DPD, is a nationally and globally recognized denturist who has put his extensive dental laboratory and chairside knowledge to work for your smile. After completing the rigorous education program of dental and laboratory studies at the prestigious KOIS center, he continues his passion for exceptional dentures by providing top-notch dental restorations precisely crafted in our on-site dental laboratory.

In addition to delivering truly beautiful and reliable prosthetics, we also provide treatments designed to help restore oral health, promote proper function, and contribute to an enhanced overall quality of life.

Our available solutions for restorative dentistry include:

With restorative care provided at our office, we can:

  • Mend chipped, cracked, broken, and fractured teeth
  • Restore proper chewing, speaking, and comfort
  • Replace a single missing tooth to all missing teeth
  • Replace faulty or damaged restorations
  • Rejuvenate receded or damaged gum tissue
  • Alleviate dental pain or discomfort
  • Improve bite and jaw alignment
  • And so much more!

At Smile Solutions, we recognize how much dental health can impact daily function, and we understand the influential role oral health plays in your overall well-being. That’s why our team provides comprehensive restorative dentistry with everything from fillings and dental implants, to many available versions of denture appliances.


Won’t Good Oral Hygiene Keep Me from Needing Dental Restoration?

Happy father and son brush teeth, looking at each other.

While a strong, consistent oral hygiene routine is always encouraged by our dental experts, despite best efforts, issues such as tooth decay, damage, and infection can still occur.

Trauma from a car accident can result in tooth loss or damage to the gums, or an injury during your workout routine or sports can result in a chipped, fractured, or broken tooth. Diets with starchy, sugary foods often contribute to acids wearing away at your enamel, causing decay and cavities.

Dental damage and wear of any kind shouldn’t be overlooked, no matter how minor it may seem. Cracks leave affected teeth less able to withstand daily function, causing discomfort and pain. Tooth fractures also lead to leftover food particles getting trapped, contributing to further decay and possible infection.

Whether you’re suffering from dental cracks, fractures, active tooth or gum infection, or missing teeth, we’re fully equipped to rebuild your smile, eliminate disease, and alleviate discomfort tenfold.

Do I Need a Filling, Inlay, Onlay, or Crown?

Dental decay and cavities are a few of the most common issues that smiles face. Like many other dental health concerns, they don’t discriminate against age, and anyone from young children to senior adult smiles are all affected.

Our Puyallup team offers many ways to repair your smile after removing decay and to protect your teeth from the threat of future cavities with our filling, inlay, onlay, and crown restorations. 

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Portrait of a beautiful senior woman with healthy smile sitting at the dental office

Your jawbone, like your muscles, start to weaken without proper stimulation. The force from daily biting and chewing travels down to the roots of your teeth into the bones of your jaws, providing the essential stimulation needed to keep them full, healthy, and strong.

When you lose even one tooth, it affects your underlying jawbone, neighboring teeth, and natural facial features. Surrounding teeth begin to shift towards the space, eventually resulting in bite misalignment and additional tooth loss. As the bone in your jaw begins to weaken, features begin to shift and sag, resulting in a prematurely aged appearance.

Unfortunately, the many repercussions of prolonged tooth loss don’t end there. An increase of developing periodontal disease, TMJ, and improper digestion are common consequences of missing teeth.

How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?

Replacing missing teeth has never been more comprehensive and achievable than it is now! Dr. Clark and his team offer the following:

Crowns, when attached to a dental implant, are one of the most favorable and widely used methods for replacing a single missing tooth completely, from root to crown.

Bridges often utilize one or more crowns which are held in place by attaching them to neighboring, healthy teeth. Bridges consist of hollow dental crowns on each side that are cemented to nearby healthy teeth, filling the gap left by a missing tooth or several.

When supported by implants: A bridge can replace two or more missing teeth in a row by utilizing dental crowns. Bridges held in place by implants are permanently supported by these posts, eliminating the need for having to use healthy, natural teeth as their anchor.

Full dentures are dental appliances that replace an entire arch of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaws, or both. Complete dentures consist of a pink, acrylic base which holds a full set of artificial teeth made to fit precisely over your gums. Traditional dentures use natural suction for support.

When supported by implants: An implant-supported denture is just that - supported by implants. These appliances are held in place securely and permanently to replace many to all missing teeth in a smile.

Partial dentures are used for replacing several, but not all, teeth in an arch. Like full dentures, they also have a pink, acrylic base with replacement teeth attached. The base, however, is made to fit against the roof or floor of the mouth utilizing clips that attach to existing teeth for support.

When supported by implants: A partial implant-supported denture provides excellent preservation, allowing you to bite, chew, and talk properly when permanently replacing multiple missing teeth.

We provide strategic and precise implant placement using our CT on-site scanner from our state-of-the-art surgical planning center!

Rafael Clark DPD and his Smile Solutions team specialize in dental prosthetics and all forms of dentures. Our on-site lab allows us to fabricate and provide every type of denture appliance available so that you can experience the very best modern restorative dentistry has to offer.


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