I Have been to many different dentists over the years. This group has it going on!, these folks genuinely Care about their patients. Great sense of humor, excellent and meticulous work. I don't usually write reviews so this is something out of the norm for me. I really can't say enough good things about this group of folks. EXCELLENT WORK AND ATMOSPHERE. Shout out to Dr Pedraum Heydari and Rafael Clark DPD and staff. Thank you guys.


Thank you Rafael for channeling so much knowledge, focus and expertise into your patient's teeth and bites. You combine an amazing work ethic with the most caring heart in the business. It's obvious that you handpicked your entire staff for their caring natures, as well as their noticeable job expertise! No two people in your office are alike, yet everyone there cares as deeply as you do about every single patient. Your entire office is an oasis of welcome, caring and understanding.


They made my dentures several years ago...the fit has been absolutely perfect! I can eat an apple without thinking twice. The staff is just wonderful! I had an opportunity to visit with them again to get my denture repaired, because I dropped the darn thing, otherwise I'm sure I'd have never had a moment's trouble with it. I walked in on a Friday, when they are usually closed, and was greeted with the same stellar service and care I've always gotten. Rafael happened to be in the office and fixed my denture on the spot. I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but it fit even better after the repair! Thank you so much for providing such a great product and delivering it with such kindness and personality! Just fantastic!


I have had problems with my teeth most of my adult life thanks to a softball incident. I recently had to have two of my front teeth removed...they made me a flipper (temporary partial) the same day and even though it's temporary, it was done so well, NO ONE HAS NOTICED! They look like my natural teeth! Since then I have had implants placed and will have my permanent crowns soon. They have been awesome every step of the way, checking on me and my progress. I already love my temporary smile, and know that the improvements they've made to the design of my crowns will make my new, permanent smile, even better! Thank you for the best dental care I've ever had!


I've had terrible teeth my entire life ~ crooked, prone to decay and breakage, which with time created a lot of pain, and were not very pretty to look at. At 49 years old, I was faced with the option to spend a lot of money on several crowns that would likely last for only another 5 years or so, or move on to dentures. I chose the dentures, and then another journey of pain and discomfort ensued. For four years I wore dentures that were painful and wouldn't stay put through even one meal...I forgot how to smile. With a doctor on staff that places implants (Thank you Dr. Taylor! You're amazing!) and a denturist that specializes in creating the perfect fit and function (Rafael, you are absolutely the best), a lab right there on site that not only made my denture but created wax models I could try on, change the color or shape of any one tooth...be as selective as I wanted to be to make sure my smile was everything I ever wanted....and a staff that walked me through every step of the way (Theresa, you made everything so easy and helped me understand what was coming next and helped me prepare....Heather, I can never thank you enough for going out of your way on your personal time to pick up and deliver my pain medication to my front door when I was recovering! Over and above!!!) this place has earned my trust, respect and absolute devotion for years to come! Needless to say, I have a perfectly fitting denture, that doesn't move, doesn't hurt, and looks BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE TO SMILE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Thank you for everything!!!


Amazing and refreshing to come to an office where the provider knows what he is talking about! The staff is very knowledgeable, and the lab is right there and I could literally watch them work! I could do everything I need in one place ~ wonderful!


Absolutely fantastic...Rafael is just the BEST at what he does...I've been wearing partials for years and Rafael has kept me comfortable and everything working as it should like none other. The staff is just great and they are really good to put up with a grumpy old man like me!"